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‘Tis the time for holidays

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My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. But I’ve always appreciated the associated Christmas break. To me, Christmas is the time period starting with Lucia on the 13th of December up until New Years Day. And it’s filled with different seasonally available foods, lights and candles in… Read More »‘Tis the time for holidays

Black Friday weekend

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This week was the Thanksgiving week and I was surprised to see how big this holiday is. Last year people started going back to their family homes early in the week, but this year I thought that travel restrictions would keep some people in the… Read More »Black Friday weekend

One year in the US

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Today we´ve been in the US for one year. It´s been an eventful year and a not very eventful year, both at the same time. Obviously, we´ve had the pandemic going across the the globe in waves, and we´ve had riots and the politically induced… Read More »One year in the US

Korean Netflix-binge

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I´m so tired of watching and reading American news, so for the past week I´ve tuned it out and decided to watch dramas on Netflix instead. Although there are plenty of non-American series out there, I decided I´d like to watch something that wasn´t in… Read More »Korean Netflix-binge

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Research Communication

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I´ve attended a two-day webinar on the topic Gear up for research communication. The webinar was offered at Stanford and featured several speakers discussing everything from how to reach out to science journalists to how to feature your science in social media and what your… Read More »Research Communication

100 days at home

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This week I took a look at my calendar and realized that I´ve spent more than 100 days working from home. It feels like time has stood still this whole time, but when I look through my calendar and my journal I see that in… Read More »100 days at home


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Today is another pseudoholiday in an endless month at home (although as of today we are in stage 3 in San Mateo County). We have gotten e-mails from some administrators stating that they have gotten paid time off today. However, as we are all working… Read More »Juneteenth


Following the release of videos showing black males discriminated against and even killed by white people with police affiliations, people have started to protest on the streets and some cities have been crowded with people, mostly marching against police violence under the Black Lives Matter… Read More »Curfews

Memorial Day and Eid

This has been a very nice, warm long weekend. Yesterday was Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of our first Ramadan in the US. And today, it´s another public holiday. So far, I´ve experienced several public holidays that we don´t have parallels to in Sweden. Among… Read More »Memorial Day and Eid

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Halfway through Ramadan 2020

It´s Friday evening and seriously warm in California. In southern Californa there is apparantly a heatwave generating record temperatures. But here we have days and night warmer than I´m used to in May. 30 degrees (Celcius) is around 15 degrees warmer than Stockholm right now.… Read More »Halfway through Ramadan 2020

1st Ramadan 1441

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We´ve had our first day of fasting here in California and although first days are usually quite ok, today was really difficult. It could be due to the warm weather that we´ve had this wekk, or it could be due to having two toddlers in… Read More »1st Ramadan 1441

Which news should you watch?

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After almost six months in the US, I still find that it´s difficult to find out what has happened in the country without getting a biased message. News channels here are all biased towards either the Republican or the Democrat political parties. The main Republican… Read More »Which news should you watch?

What is my niche?

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I was curious about what makes a great blog, and I learned that good blogs with ardent followers have a niche. And so I thought “What is my niche?”. Is it being a postdoc? Being a foreigner in the US? Being in the privileged Stanford… Read More »What is my niche?