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Halfway through Ramadan 2020

Boxer Lab

It´s Friday evening and seriously warm in California. In southern Californa there is apparantly a heatwave generating record temperatures. But here we have days and night warmer than I´m used to in May. 30 degrees (Celcius) is around 15 degrees warmer than Stockholm right now.

But although it´s warm, I´m not really complaining (too much). It´s nice after all the rain and chilly evenings we had a couple of weeks ago. However, it does become more difficult to fast when it is really warm. Especially with small children so you can´t conserve your energy if needed. And this of course leads to more irritability (low blood glucose levels does that I recently read) and slightly more shouting on my part. But the kids don´t seem to either mind or care. It makes them more energetic and they carry on with whatever they do as if I wasn´t even there. That´s what you get for trying to keep a two-and three-year-old indoors for too long.

But it seems that states are starting to slowly go back to business (almost) as usual. At our lab there are even talks of starting something mid-May although no-one expects to really be back in the lab until 1st June. Anyhow, this means the rest of Ramadan will be spent at home with the family. Without having to take any time off work, which is actually really great! I know many people who have taken parts of or all of Ramadan off work to focus on the spiritual for the whole month. So here´s to them and to all of us who are trying to make the best of an uncertain situation.

Happy Ramadan!

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