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Happy Eid al-Adha 2020!

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It´s only been 70 days since we last had an Eid, but it feels like ages ago. Time goes fast and slow at the same time and it´s difficult to recall what has happened between now and then. It´s a good thing I keep writing in this blog – at least I can read it to remind myself of what has happened.

But who wants to live in the past when the now is so exciting and full of breaking news every other day? The news right now revolves around the proposal of moving the presidential election due to Coronavirus. It´s about banning TikTok in the US due to privacy concerns (which, everyone has to admit, is somewhat ironic considering the companies that have the most information about most of the world´s population are already US companies like Facebook and Google). But the news cycle changes fast. Previously we could see discussions about federal troops in US citites, the revoking of VISAs to the US, and all sorts of uplifitng news.

On a personal note, schools in Redwood city will be kept closed until Thanksgiving with only distance learning in place. And pre-schools will have reduces group sizes, which means all our children will be staying home for a while, probably until New Year, if not longer.

With all of this to think of, it´s great to have a day off when we can just spend time with each other, eat, drink and enjoy life. As long as we spend it only with the people in out household. Sort of like we´ve done the past five months.

So happy Eid! Hopefully the next one will be much better…

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