Winter holidays

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Mid-December until the first week week of January is the holiday season in Sweden. It starts around the 13th of December when we celebrate Lucia, a festive day centering around the concepts of light, buns and biscuits. More exactly, saffron buns called “lussekatt” and gingerbread… Read More »Winter holidays

First snow!

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Nowadays, it’s rare to see snow before Christmas, but this year, we got snow in mid-November! It was great, and I was able to fulfill a promise to the kids from way back in hot California that we would build a snow man when we… Read More »First snow!

Scientific manuscripts

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I’m in my final month as a Stanford postdoc and this month I aim to finish writing up one of my projects. For some people, manuscripts are tedious and time-consuming to write. For me, it’s something I truly enjoy. To me, the time spent writing… Read More »Scientific manuscripts