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Flying in Covid times

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It’s 3 AM, Swedish time, and I’m jetlagged. 48 hours ago we were sitting on the plane from San Francisco headed for Lisbon, Portugal. Three days before that, I was finishing up experiments and clearing out my things in the lab so we could focus… Read More »Flying in Covid times

4th of July 2021

It is the 4th of July, the Independence Day here in the US. It’s likely the last one I will experience and as I’m typing this fireworks are going off. Although we can’t really see any fireworks from our apartment window, we have been able… Read More »4th of July 2021

Two months in the USA

My family has been in the US for almost two months, and what have we learned so far? Everything is expensive Very early on, we learned how expensive things are in the Bay Area. Housing is ridiculously expensive, and we spend around half our income… Read More »Two months in the USA

Preparations for Hajj

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Going for Hajj is a big thing, one of the biggest adventures in your life. For me, thinking back to where and when it began, it’s getting difficult to remember. Although the process started almost a year ago (when we first started talking about making the trip), it finished just over a week ago. In total one year from start to finish!

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