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Flying in Covid times

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It’s 3 AM, Swedish time, and I’m jetlagged. 48 hours ago we were sitting on the plane from San Francisco headed for Lisbon, Portugal. Three days before that, I was finishing up experiments and clearing out my things in the lab so we could focus… Read More »Flying in Covid times

4th of July 2021

It is the 4th of July, the Independence Day here in the US. It’s likely the last one I will experience and as I’m typing this fireworks are going off. Although we can’t really see any fireworks from our apartment window, we have been able… Read More »4th of July 2021

Preparing to go home

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I came to Stanford in late October 2019 for a two-year appointment as a postdoc. But with four months to go, I’m already preparing to go home. This past year has been really different for a lot of people. Many have had the opportunity to… Read More »Preparing to go home

Fully vaccinated!

This week I finally got the second Covid-19 vaccine shot. And my arm is still sore. But in two weeks I should be fully protected against serious illness due to the coronavirus. I got my first vaccine a month ago at Stanford. One of the… Read More »Fully vaccinated!

‘Tis the time for holidays

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My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. But I’ve always appreciated the associated Christmas break. To me, Christmas is the time period starting with Lucia on the 13th of December up until New Years Day. And it’s filled with different seasonally available foods, lights and candles in… Read More »‘Tis the time for holidays

Black Friday weekend

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This week was the Thanksgiving week and I was surprised to see how big this holiday is. Last year people started going back to their family homes early in the week, but this year I thought that travel restrictions would keep some people in the… Read More »Black Friday weekend

One year in the US

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Today we´ve been in the US for one year. It´s been an eventful year and a not very eventful year, both at the same time. Obviously, we´ve had the pandemic going across the the globe in waves, and we´ve had riots and the politically induced… Read More »One year in the US

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Research Communication

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I´ve attended a two-day webinar on the topic Gear up for research communication. The webinar was offered at Stanford and featured several speakers discussing everything from how to reach out to science journalists to how to feature your science in social media and what your… Read More »Research Communication