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Fully vaccinated!

This week I finally got the second Covid-19 vaccine shot. And my arm is still sore. But in two weeks I should be fully protected against serious illness due to the coronavirus.

I got my first vaccine a month ago at Stanford. One of the indoor sports halls has been converted into a vaccination center. I booked the appointment online and thought I’d get there 15 minutes ahead of time. But when I got there the line was so long it took almost an hour just to get into the building. But after having gotten inside things went pretty fast. I registered, queued again for the actual shot, had the shot, and waited in the waiting area for 15 minutes. During this time a staff member booked the next appointment.

After the first shot I felt mostly ok, but my arm was really sore for almost three days. And then the soreness disappeared. The first day I felt like I might get a fever, but I never really had one. But after the second shot I had a real fever the same afternoon and slept until morning, after which the fever had disappeared. My arm wasn’t as sore this time, and so I feel much better today and should be able to go back to work on Monday. But I still have to keep my mask on, at least until two weeks has passed. But it feels good to have this over with. It’s one step towards normality. Soon I hope we will all return to pre-Covid times. But it will require access to more vaccines so that everyone can get their shot promptly. When will this all be over?

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