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1st Ramadan 1441

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We´ve had our first day of fasting here in California and although first days are usually quite ok, today was really difficult.

It could be due to the warm weather that we´ve had this wekk, or it could be due to having two toddlers in the house. Or a combination of both. Regardless, I´m really tired. And much more tired than hungry. It´s a good thing the weekend is here, so at least I don´t need to think about work while juggling the heat and the fatigue.

But one nice thing about being here right now is the possibility of having food delivered. So today we decided to buy a lot of kebab from the Halal Guys, courtesy of Uber delivery service. It was nice not having to cook, although I miss some of the things we usually have in abundance during Ramadan, like baklava, ciabatta bread fresh from the oven, and those tapioka pearl desserts I usually make (picture above). The question is, is it worth finding all the ingredients to try to make them here or should we opt for new Ramadan traditions? All-American style!

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