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Memorial Day and Eid

This has been a very nice, warm long weekend. Yesterday was Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of our first Ramadan in the US. And today, it´s another public holiday.

So far, I´ve experienced several public holidays that we don´t have parallels to in Sweden. Among them are Thanksgiving (celebrating the arrival of colonialists to North America), Martin Luther King Jr. day (celebrating the birthday of the civil rights champion), and now Memorial Day (honouring the American soldiers). Compare that with the Swedish holidays of, well, nothing of the sort. Whereas all Swedish holidays except for the national day (introduced in this millennia) have religious affiliations, it seems the US holidays celebrate people and accomplishments. It says something about the people here, I suppose.

But as summer is drawing nearer and the temperatures rise (35 degrees today in our part of California), I feel that it´s been a while since I did some shopping. It isn´t until I start browsing for things to buy that I realize I don´t really need anything. Isn´t that odd? For the most part, we´ve seen that we can go by very well using the things we have. Obviously, the fridge and freezer need restocking now and then, but other than that, we are all just fine as we are.

So on a nice warm sunny day like this one, what should you do to enjoy yourself even more?

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