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Shelter-in-Place and at-home schooling

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It´s been an odd couple of weeks, to say the least. The Corona Virus and Covid-19 are the new buzzwords and we are all acutely aware of it.

This week several counties in California ordered a Shelter-in-Place order. Both Santa Clara, where Stanford is, and San Mateo, the county we are staying in, were included among those counties, which means that we are to remain where we are except for essential errands, such as going to the grocery store or to seek medical advice. Strangely, it´s not a complete curfew. We are also allowed to go out for exercise, as long as we keep our distances to other people.

Last week schools in the Redwood City School District closed for at-home schooling for three weeks. This week we were informed that students might not be coming back during the spring semester, which means that we will be teaching our school-aged child until summer break. Stanford likewise told their students not to come back, which must be heart-breaking for the senior undergrads. PhD students about to defend their theses will probably have to postpone, but it is unknown for how long. For post-docs, not much is known. Although we might not be expected to be as productive, we are supposed to continue working from home, if possible.

For me, our group continues to have our weekly group meetings, but through Zoom. It keeps us connected, which is a good thing, and they make it easier for our supervisor to make sure that we are all ok. And for now, we all are.

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