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I’d like to be a house wife when I grow up.

Which everyone finds to be a waste. But according to a recent British survey 9 out of 10 young women wants to work less than full-time. And I kind of understand that. They don’t want to be like their mothers who had to workfull-time and then come home and do all the cooking, cleaning and other house work. It’s really a scam how things work. Tricking women into working double-full time, while the house work didn’t generate any money. And at the same time the out-of- house work probably still gave them lesser salaries compared to their male co-workers. For the same job!

So my generations sees that. And I think that if we’re not gonna be equally treated in the job market, why keep on playing the game? Apparantly the survey says that if house wives would get market-level salaries for their work in cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of the family economy and everything else that they do, they would earn 30 000 British pounds or 380 000 Swedish Kronor a year, which would be 31 667 Kr / month. If I got that much for staying home I would sure do it! If you don’t know, most nurses earn less than 20 000 kr / month here. The starting wages for engineers are arbound 24-27 000. So this would mean that house wives do very qualified work. For no money at all. It’s not appreciated by anyone. She doesn’t get a lot of appreciation from the husband who comes home whining. Not from the kids who taker their mother for granted. Not from the society, because she is free labour and doesn’t generate any money and she doesn’t pay taxes. But think about it! 9 out of 10 women in Britain. Each worth 30 000 pounds a year. But treated like she has no or very little value.

What if the society would pay her for her job? For taking care and raising a family? For making the foundation of the country’s next generation? For teaching her kids. For cooking. For keeping the house clean and neat. For taking care of her husband. For washing clothes. For taking care of sick kids. For helping the teachers out so the kids learn what they need to in order to help their community develop. For contributing to the economy by supporting farmers, fishers, and other food distributors. For preventing too much spread of diseases. For keeping the hospital beds available to really sick people instead of sick kids.

Or are they in fact stealing people’s jobs by being house wives? Because if they didn’t do that job you would have to employ nannys, cooks, cleaners, tutors,  and so on.

Are the housewives the reason for decline in economic growth then?


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