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Teaching workshop

Another week, another learning opportunity!

I have the possibility of obtaining a Teaching certificate through the Postdoctoral Office at Stanford. To obtain the certificate I need to attend a journal club, teach at least 20 hours, and participate in a teaching workshop. The workshop is held three times a year, and I got a spot in the one that was held this week.

The teaching workshop was very different from the pedagogic course I had taken during my PhD. Whereas the pedagogic course focused on teaching techniques and tools, as well as the social context of the students (such as gender, disabilities, etc.), this course seemed to take a more psychological approach and had a very teacher-centric starting point. In summary, we were taught the seven steps of creating a learning environment that promotes self-development in students.

The course was insightful and inspiring, and the people who attended the course were very interesting, engaged, and fun to talk with. If anyone aims to teach after the post-doc I could recommend this two-day workshop. Anyone who attends will get at least one “oh” moment throughout the days.

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