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LinkedIn Learning for Stanford and SLAC employees

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The new year has started and Stanford has been open for a week. During this week I´ve already managed to sign up for a course and various seminars. And set my learning goals on LinkedIn Learning.

Did you know that Stanford and SLAC affiliates have unlimited free access to LinkedIn Learning?

When I changed my job affiliation in LinkedIn to Stanford I got a popup notification in LinkedIn where I was told that I might have free access to LinkedIn Learning, but I didn´t see any further information about it. I thought it would just show up on my profile, but it didn´t. So, over the winter break, I looked into it and managed to sign up for free access. And for anyone else, looking for the same information, I created a video that I uploaded to Youtube today. You can also watch it below.

Let´s enjoy a new year full of new knowledge and try to acquire the skills we all know we need in the coming year. Happy 2020!

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