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Getting started with JavaScripting

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Now that my development environment is set up I’ve started following the videos on Pluralsight. However, I don’t know if it’s my particular installation or if the videos haven’t been updated, but I got a problem immediately with the first task. I just couldn’t see the results of my coding.

The problem seemed to be that the instruction is to use the command

npm run dev 

When I do that the console returns the error

npm ERR! missing script: dev

Using my best friend Google, I learned that the problem could be adressed by using the command

npm start 

and that worked like a charm. After that, the rest of the day went smooth enough, with a lot of repetition from my previous learning experiences.

Tomorrow I’m aiming at finishing off the course and then I’ll decide if I thought it was worth my time and if it will be worth the 35 USD / month that they are charging.

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