What the future holds…

… only God knows. But that doesn’t mean we can’t think and plan and plot for our own futures. It doesn’t mean we can’t have ambitions and dreams of what we would like to achieve, give and share in our communities, and throughout our lives.

The past couple of weeks have been rather nice for me. I am now at the truly near-end of my degree project. I am hoping to finish it all by end of next week or possibly early on the week after, so I can present it that same week, or early the week after. And then after that? Well, I don’t know. Before, I really wanted to stay with that research group and do my PhD there. But the more time that’s gone, the less I feel like I want to stay. Sure, it would be rather safe to just stick around. But if I don’t like it, then there really is no point in staying. There are other options, the only requirement for us is to find it. We can pray, dream and hope for a good job, but if we don’t make an effort to get it, how will we ever achieve it?

So I’m looking. Keeping an eye out for good jobs and interesting positions. Because the wish is still there to learn as much as I can. And they say that the best time of your life is the time when you were a student. Because once you’ve got yourself a job it becomes different. The freedom decreases, the responsibilities increase and time just goes on. No real time for thinking or reflecting I suppose. Not to mention if you got a family to handle at the same time, there will just not be enough time to do other things. So I’d prefer to stay a student for a while longer. And see if I can’t learn all those things I want to know before real life starts.

We can dream and hope and wish, but what the future holds for us, only God knows 🙂

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