Summer Holiday

And now is the time for summer holiday. Not that I didn’t have one yet. HELLO! I just came back from a wonderful trip across the world! But now I’m back in Sweden and summer holidays are about to commence.

The good news is that I have been offered a job and I’m starting tomorrow! I sent in all my applications for this round for other jobs as well . So I got some stuff going. And I did the “opposition” for the degree project yesterday, meaning that all my courses are more or less finished now. Just waiting to get the results…

And yes, the personal life is getting more stable. That constant headache I used to have last year seems to be gone for most of the time. And that sleepyness I had in Malaysia seems to have decreased as well. Maybe I’ve been overly stressed for some time now? But I’m feeling more relaxed and got more of a ”well let’s see what happens?”- kind-of attitude now, instead of the less healthy but more efficiant ”I want THIS, let’s make it happen!”

But I suppose we all have our phases. And mine is currently rather mellow. Which is ok. At the moment. I imagine stressful times might come later this summer. I still got projects and stuff to handle, develop and build. If I do more this summer I’ll have to do less when the semester starts. Note to self: DONT WASTE THIS TIME NOW!!!

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