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Professional and Academic Writing

I´m attending a six-week course on how to write in Academia. The course is for postdocs that are non-native English speaker and it´s taught by a very funny guy, Dr. Kristopher Geda. The course is held every Tuesday 5 pm-7 pm and although it seems like most people would be very tired by then, the tempo, style, and variation in the class keep it interesting all the way through. This Tuesday is the final class and then we´re on our own!

Apart from reading the course literature and doing exercises in and out of class, we get to make one appointment with the teacher to go through our own writing and get some feedback on it. I got my appointment last week and although it was 30 min long, it was barely enough time to go through the two pages we looked at. But the feedback was very constructive and I got some additional ideas on how to write my paper, so in all, a very useful session!

If you are a non-native English speaker doing your postdoc at Stanford there are four courses you can sign up for. Find them here, and best of luck!

Maybe I´ll see you around 🙂

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