Packing for a new adventure

Even though it’s been less than a year since we took off the last time it feels like much longer. With an infant and a child in tow, this time travel is likely to be more difficult. It’s been 5 years since we were in this situation the last time; about to take a long-haul flight with an infant. Last time we put our faith in Qatar Airways. It was ok, but not great. This time we’re taking our chances with Emirates Airline and I hope that we’ll come home feeling like it was the perfect choice.

We are getting close to takeoff with one more week to go and the list of things about to be packed in the “baby bag” seems endless. Do we really need extra of everything? Answer: Yes, because you never know what will happen on the way. Delays, missed connections, staying an extra night somewhere before reaching the final destination. All those things need to be taken into account. So we slowly move on, checking off each item on the list as we go. Can’t wait until we take off!

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