Back to blogging in English

When I started blogging, back in my teens, I blogged in English. Mostly because my co-blog-readers/writers were all doing it in English. But also because I felt that I could express myself better than in Swedish.

Since then, blogging became more of a public diary of my family life, travel, and gadgets I had acquired. And all in Swedish.

Now, I suppose I’m going back to the roots in a sense. I will be keeping both a Swedish and English blog, but they won’t contain the same things. My intent is that the English blog will target non-Swedish people, and the other way around. It might seem obvious, but really, it’s not. Swedish people are generally good at English, so just keeping it in English would propbably not alienate any of my current readers. But it also has to do with the mind set. Writing in English automatically means not taking Swedish customs and rules and “how things are” for granted. Writing in Swedish means I can use common Swedish expressions, abbreviations, etc. without having to explain them and readers will understand what I mean. Sort of.


Anyways, Happy Valborg!

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