Back online!

I love Hotlink! I’ve been on Celcom since we got here, and sure, there is a broadband package, but I seriously haven’t been able to make use of it. Today I went to the Maxis tower and got a Hotlink prepaid. And internet comes included! No extra charges or packages to check my e-mail or… Read More Back online!


Summer Holiday

And now is the time for summer holiday. Not that I didn’t have one yet. HELLO! I just came back from a wonderful trip across the world! But now I’m back in Sweden and summer holidays are about to commence. I have been offered a job now. I’m starting tomorrow. I sent in all my… Read More Summer Holiday


What the future holds…

… only God knows. But that doesn’t mean we can’t think and plan and plot for our own futures. It doesn’t mean we can’t have ambitions and dreams of what we would like to achieve, give and share in our communities, and throughout our lives.